Pranking With The Fake Text App

 Everyone has that one friend with whom one can have loads of fun without any regrets. Since the increased workload has increased and time has become a shortage for everyone, it is not quite possible to meet physically and have that same amount of fun and play pranks on each other.

People Love Pranking

Why People Love Pranking

Pranking is one of the most popular fun activity which is performed within a group of friends. With the developing technology, pranks can be played technologically as well, in the form of texts. Texts are very common and popular these days, instead of calling, people prefer texting. Everything nowadays is done in texting, hence playing pranks through texting would be funny and the person (who would be pranked upon would freak out for sure).

Are you too looking for a way to prank your friends and make a fool of them by showing them the fake texts that you get from any celebrity or anyone?

Then we have a perfect application for you to prank your friends and make a fool out of them. Fake text is an app available in all play stores at a very nominal cost.

How does it work?

To play this fake text prank, first of all, you need to download it from the play store and install it. Then you have to log in to it and then you are all set to play a prank on your friends. You can set this up on your lock screen and get the text notification of the fake text that you have plotted. You can get those text notifications in just 5 seconds and show your friends that many celebrities text you, celebrities like The Kardashian sisters or The Queen of England herself.

You can get those texts at some particular time as well, you can set that time zone in the app and then plot all the messages to play pranks on your friends. Isn’t it a great idea.

Then why wait, download the faketext app and get your fun at a click of the finger. Make your friendship anew and get that young charm back in just seconds.