The Comparison Between Tile And Trackr

Bluetooth trackers are one of the best-selling devices in the market today. The fact that it is helpful, it also helps keep items from losing. It is normally used for finding car keys, bags, toys, TV remotes,  wallets, backpacks, and even your small pets. Trackers connect to an app on the phone through Bluetooth. It will be set up and maintain its connection on the phone through its range.

What is a Bluetooth tracker?

A Bluetooth tracker is a portable smart gadget that can be attached to any belonging and connect to a phone using Bluetooth. It is a tracking device that helps locate to track things by ringing when misplaced or lost. It is sometimes referred to as Bluetooth tags, Bluetooth finders, tracking tags, or smart trackers. One of the most popular Bluetooth tracking devices that are usually compared is Tile vs Trackr.

Comparing Tile and TrackR 

Tile and TrackR are good choices for devices that help you find lost things. The Tile has a perfect design, cheaper price, and a wider Bluetooth range compared to TrckR. The Tile has a louder sound than the TrackR. If you always lose stuff, then you can try this out, buy the best available Bluetooth tracking device right now. These devices help easily find anything attached to it. 

TrackR specifications:

  1. 100 feet as maximum range
  2. Replaceable battery

TrackR has 2 versions: TrackR Bravo and Pixel. TrackR is awesome because of its capability of tracking small things. Plus, the portability of the device makes it very convenient to use.

Comparison Between Tile And Trackr

Tile specification:

  1. 200 feet as maximum range
  2. Water and dust resistant

Tile has 4 versions: Tile Mate, Slim, Style, and Sport. The Tile can’t use GPS. It needs to be in a standard Bluetooth range of a certain device with the location services to locate using the app. Tile is the original device of its kind, while the competitors are being restricted to the typical connectivity range of Bluetooth. The typical Bluetooth range is 100 feet but the Tile range can go far using a Bluetooth connection of neighboring Android or iOS running the Tile app for casting a wider search internet.

Items at reach

Busy days made you forget where you keep things, especially when you are in a hurry. So, Bluetooth trackers are a big help these days. Keys are small items and need to be kept carefully. Tile and TrackR are the best choices of Bluetooth tracking systems attacked to your small items. Now, there is no worry when these small things are misplaced or lost. This Bluetooth tracking device is very functional today since more things today are portable. So, it keeps these things at reach and a solution of lost stuff. The Bluetooth tracking device is a solution to a lost and found things.