Move On and Face Your Future Challenge

Recommended relocation service to bring your favorite stuffs

Feeling stuck in your current job and then looking forward to find a new challenge is normal. Everybody will face the same situation in their comfort zone for quite a long time. If it is time for you to move on from your current profession, there is an option to accompany you traveling with favorite stuff into the new place. Try Widmer for your relocation Bern surrounding area.

The company based in Switzerland with easy access to reach German, French, and Italian. If you have a plan to relocate to Zurich, Thun, Lucerne, Geneva, Lausanne, and Lugano, for example, their team is recommended for you.

Packaging Service

The purpose of good packaging is to prevent the damage during the movement and transportation. If your umzug Bern planned from a bigger space into a smaller place, then it is needed to choose less stuff. Smaller space would not able to store the materials. In the other way around, if you move from a smaller place into a bigger one, then you might bring it all. The stacked of materials during transportation would cause damage if it is unprotected by well package technique. Therefore, Widmer with their competent staff will ensure your goods are wrapped in the proper package.

Movement Step

Imagine when you are alone and far from family and nobody there would support you during the relocation. This is no problem anymore since the relocation personnel assist you to transport all materials. Difficult stuff like bed or wardrobe could be move through the stair. Or if it is impossible through it, then maybe window could remain an option. A relocation lift could aid to move the furniture from the window for an easier movement.

The Widmer team utilizes the proper tools to re-assemble your furniture and constructed it again. So often, they will do it to simplify the movement and minimize the packaging. You will save an amount of your time by allowing them to do it for you.


All of your pieces of stuff would not be enough in one car. It might need more than two cars or even three depends on how much you want to bring. In Widmer, they allow six trucks and two trailers to deliver your materials in one trip so thus saving so much time. One truck has a loading area of 20 m3 spaces to contain the furniture and boxes.

The transportation team supports you to load and unload materials to and from a vehicle. The vehicle is big enough to ensure all materials stack in the ideal position which could prevent damage during transportation. A big truck willtransfer all of your favorite stuff anywhere you want during the relocation process.