The Ultimate guide to Electropolishing

Electro polishing is a revolutionary concept to modernize the polishing technique. Let us talk about Electro polishing in this article. Click here for brass polish machine Singapore.


The electropolishing is a surface treatment by which the metal to be polished acts as an anode in an electrolytic cell, dissolving. With the application of current, a polarized film is formed on the metal surface under treatment, allowing metal ions to diffuse through said film. The micro and macro projections, or high points of the rough surface, as well as areas with burrs, are areas of higher current density than the rest of the surface, and dissolve at a higher speed, resulting in a smoother surface, leveled and / or burr. Simultaneously, and under controlled conditions of current and temperature intensity, surface brightening takes place. Visit this site for brass polish machine singapore.


According to the characteristics of the electro polishing process explained above, some of the possible users are:

  1. Food industry in general, mainly dairy, beer, wine and refrigeration.
  2. Chemical, plastic, mechanical, photographic, textile and leather industries.
  3. Manufacturers of surgical and dental instruments
  4. Manufacturers of machines and elements for the paper industry.
  5. Manufacturers of optical elements, medical prostheses, packaging machines, marine accessories, cutting tools, etc.

Some advantages of the electro polishing

Focused on stainless steel, the use of this process allows obtaining smooth and shiny surfaces, of sanitary conditions, due to the absence of scratches that prevent access to cleaning products and become sources of contamination by microorganisms.

From the technical and economic point of view, electrochemical polishing allows:

  1. Treat irregularly shaped and large pieces, in a short time and with great labor savings.
  2. Increase the resistance to corrosion since the process allows the surface layers formed by lamination and polishing to be eliminated.