Become Healthier With Sit Stand Desks

You’ve heard all the newspapers about support counters, but you’re worried it’s just a bunch of hype. No one blames you for being careful, and doing your research before you buy is always a great idea. However, don’t completely dismiss the idea of ​​ergonomic offices. When used correctly, adjustable versions are very helpful in reducing constant stress on the lower back, as well as on the hips and other joints. The key is to alternate between sitting and standing, and choosing a desk with a movable height so that you are not in one place all the time.

Mind / Body Health and Workplace Sciences

Workplace science has already made some solid recommendations for reducing fatigue and keeping office workers full. They are based on studies related to both physical and mental health. For example, did you know that about every twenty minutes you should look away from the computer screen for twenty seconds, at a point twenty feet away? This is called the 20-20-20 rule and it allows the muscles involved to focus on the eyes with enough rest to avoid straining. Thanks to modern medicine, we now also know what causes injuries and repetitive motion conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome. It is also for this reason that we know that constant sitting wreaks havoc on the back, neck, spine, and hips, because the human body was not designed to sit continuously.

Sailing through the hype

The principle of ergonomic desks is simple: relieve the stress of sitting for hours on end. It is not only necessary to change the proverbial scene, but also the movement to avoid the risks associated with long periods of sitting or standing during the day. Just as sitting can cause injury, standing all the time presents its own risks for spinal and lower back problems. Also, some tasks, such as those that require constant mental focus, are best performed while sitting.

That’s why the ability to adapt to higher altitudes is critical. Sit stand desks at BFX Furniture has real customization potential. This means that the user has options and can change the desktop as he wishes. Want to give your office chair a break? Raise your work surface to make phone calls or review small paperwork while standing. Do you need to prepare your next report? Lower the surface down so you can easily access the keyboard and mouse, and make sure you don’t strain your neck, back, or head. And when you go shopping, don’t forget to also check the lifting capacity of the item.

Knowledge is power

A standing desk only limits the user’s options, and traditional desks discourage him from repositioning and moving. However, now you know more and can feel more confident when buying an adjustable desk. When searching, check the adjustable height and lifting capacity of each product, and it will tell you which model is best for your office.