How to clean your car carpet

Owning a car requires maintenance as well. Proper maintenance will help to keep your car running for a longer time. You could take your car to the service center for maintenance work. However, it is not always possible to take them there. Instead, you could do some of the minor cleanings by yourself. This way, you could save a few amounts of money for yourself. We are going to provide you some tips on the best way to clean car carpet.

Preparing the interior

Organize the interior of the car before cleaning the carpet. Gather any loose items which are thrown inside the car. Check below the seat as well and clear out the things from inside the car. After that, remove the floor mats and shake them well so that the dirt removes and then place the mat in a clean and dry area. Now, using a vacuum for cars, clean the places under the pedals and seats. Pay extra attention to the places or any crumbs, trash or dirt.

Removing car carpet stains

Removing car carpet stains

After you have cleaned the interior of your car, move towards the cleaning of the carpet. There are various kinds of shampoos available in the market which could remove the stains from the carpet. Apply the shampoo and work them using a brush. Make sure that you do not use excess shampoo at once as it will make the carpet hard to dry and might result in mold. You could use a dry towel to soak up the excess moisture from the carpet and put in in the sun to dry out. You have to wait for a few hours before your carpet is dry. In order to achieve complete cleanliness, vacuum the carpet once it is dried in order to remove any remaining debris.

Cleaning car mats

For cleaning your car mat, you can use the vacuum on both the sides. You could also use shampoo in case they are made up of fabric. Wash them carefully for any dirt and use a dry towel after they have been washed. Then, hang them under the sun to let them completely dry. Shake them for the last time while placing them back in their place.


Cleaning your car should be a part of your routine. This will keep your carpet last longer and give your car a new look. Moreover, it will keep your car dust and dirt free.