Incorporating Modern Design in your Home

The modern or contemporary design is characterized by cold, neutral colors and clean lines, with a complete lack of fussy details. However, this should not mean that your home sits inside a sterile operating room. When you take modern design to the extreme, you get a great look, but if you add enough texture and a variety of colors, your room will be the perfect combination of modern design and comfort. Consider the six elements below and consider which ones you would like to use in the design of your modern room.

You do not need to accept them all, just take those that work for you and your space:

Start with the color. Modern color palettes are cold and neutral; Brown, cream, white and dark gray. This does not mean that your whole house should look like a bowl of milk. Use these colors as a base. When the back of your room is neutral, you have at your disposal the whole color palette for splashes of a brighter color in the accessories. For example, if you have pale cream walls and wooden floors, a brightly colored carpet can make a fabulous statement. Just make sure you don’t overdo the bold color accents. Remember that contemporary design montreal qc is simplicity.

Texture is the third element of modern design. The modern design is a soft, smooth and fresh texture. To make your home feel like a home, not like an industrial factory, you need to alternate softness and softness with different textures. Fabrics are an excellent source of various textures in a modern room. Bright pillows made of linen, silk or crushed velvet give the room a touch feeling.

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Wood is another popular element of modern design. When choosing wood floors or accessories, avoid traditional oak and choose a very light pine or dark mahogany to break into a neutral background. Be creative when you include a tree in your room. Go beyond traditional roller coasters and look for picture frames, vases or floating shelves. The style of the wooden parts does not have to be consistent, but the tone should be similar to prevent the room from getting too messy.


Include a beautiful rug in your modern design. A quality carpet can combine many elements of your room. The mats add another layer of color and texture to your room. Many designers choose modern carpets with a graphic design to add a set of contrasting lines to the room. If you choose the right carpet for your room, you will have an instant approach, which will make the rest of your design project relatively simple.