Deep connective tissue massage: origins and benefits

The deep connective tissue massage aims to relieve muscle tension and promote the natural recovery of our body’s well-being.

The techniques used to obtain the related benefits of this technique are many. All aim to increase muscle temperature to improve tissue elasticity and reduce joint stiffness. Deep tissue massage helps reduce pain, contain muscle tension and increase the range of motion our limbs can make massage therapy in Bayonne, NJ.

At this point, given the many benefits that this technique is able to guarantee, it is legitimate to ask oneself where it originates, what are the cases of application and, again, how it is able to intervene on the tissues.

Benefits: how it acts on the tissues specifically

For those suffering from pain caused by injuries, aging or muscle tension, deep connective tissue massage can bring several benefits that other types of massage are not in themselves able to guarantee.

Anyone who has experienced this treatment will surely have understood how it works on deep tissues thanks to movements that are much slower than common ones, movements that act in depth.

The masseur, in fact, thanks to these touches is more able to concentrate on working the muscles more deeply.

Deep connective tissue massage is now recognized as a technique that facilitates the treatment of a wide range of ailments. Manipulations of the surface and subcutaneous layers can retain a helpful effect even on tissues far from the strictly intended treatment area.

These effects seem to be negotiated by neural refluxes that direct to a boost in blood flow to the pretentious region : this is the mechanism underlying the reduction of pain. The connective tissue massage is a treatment that for several reasons must be understood as different from the traditional massage.

Both techniques bring physiological effects, but unlike traditional massage, the connective tissue massage extends these benefits not only on the surface muscles, but also on the subcutaneous area, with beneficial effects also on the organs distant from the local stimulation site.