Offer free e-commerce delivery or not?

A high rate of e-commerce delivery blocks online shoppers in 65% of cases. 36% of Internet users even give up their shopping cart if the delivery is not free. Whether to pay for delivery to customers is a headache for online merchants. With the increase in logistics and delivery costs, it is not easy for the online merchant to bear the full cost of shipping. So should we offer best pawn service in Singapore or not delivery to its online customers?

best pawn service in SingaporePersonalized e-commerce delivery

  • Today the expectations of the consumers in terms of delivery concern deliveries that do not fit into the standards like:
  • Delivery by appointment: 80% of buyers wish to be delivered by appointment
  • Delivery outside office hours: 70% plebiscite delivery the same day on a time slot between 16h and 20h
  • The delivery the day same: 60% would like to be delivered within one hour after the order
  • Delivery in the evening or on weekends: 57% want to be delivered on Sunday or evening

To take advantage of these delivery options, best pawn service in Singapore 69% of Internet users would be willing to pay 10 euros for delivery service by appointment with the choice of the day (including Sunday) and time, or for delivery on the day even. However, only one-third of e-merchants can offer these delivery options to their customers. A gap is growing between the expectations of Internet users and services offered by online merchants. The main cause? E-commerce logistics! To be able to deliver an order the same day, you need a well-developed logistics system that relies on optimized internal logistics processes and a carrier that is able to deliver the order the same day.