Guide for Some Common Ways of Earning BTC for Free

There are around six ways of getting free bitcoin. They are arranged roughly from the least to highly profitable ones, and they are:

  • Faucets
  • Gambling
  • Mining
  • Games
  • Getting paid directly in bitcoin
  • Affiliate programs

Bitcoin faucets

The bitcoin faucet is the feature on websites, which steadily drips the bitcoin. For instance, a website may dispense the fraction of bitcoin each few minutes. Generally it is very small amount, but is equivalent to some cents or dollar, and awarded to just one user each few minutes or hours.

It is done as the promotional feature. Suppose the faucet holds the visitors on their website, it might translate to the higher engagement, ad revenue and other benefits for website’s owners, which make it totally worthwhile.

Earning Bitcoin through games

The games may award little amounts of freebitcoin as the prize. They are generally filled with the advertisements. This works very much similar to the bitcoin faucets. Bitcoin rewards keep the people playing or viewing ads, thus on paper this game appears like the good way for the advertisers to reach to the people. Suppose you do not mind viewing these ads, you can enjoy your game you are playing and have good time to kill, small bitcoin prizes may add up eventually. Suppose you are hoping that your bitcoin may appreciate in the value, it will be better to purchase it in an usual way. Bitcoin may multiply in the value tenfold; however, that ten cents bitcoin that you have earned from the game still will be worth every dollar.