Features of the best car camera in Singapore ideal for your vehicle

Car camera is important as it not only helps you to drive easily without stressing yourself on having a keen watch on your rear-view mirror but also helps you protect you from any false accusation during an accident. If you have a recording in your car camera you can easily point out who was at fault during the accident. This is very important and helps you to stay safe from legal issues. However, in some countries, there are certain laws as per which you cannot use a dash camera for your vehicle or you have to use it with certain restrictions. So, before you go ahead and install a camera make sure that you are aware of the laws of your country.

Choosing the best car camera for your vehicle

Car camera in Singapore is completely legal and is very popular in Singapore. Here are a few features of car camera you can look out for.

  • Wide backscreen view of about 170-degree angle view
  • Connected to Wi-Fi and cloud
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • At least 1-year warranty
  • Reasonable price around 40 US dollars
  • High resolution of A+ grade
  • Distinctly clear vision and recording during night time
  • Car motion sensitive

Besides these, there are several other criteria like touch screen operation and many more which you can choose as per your convenience and budget.

Thus, these car cameras are of great help and a must have in cities like Singapore.