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"This is a story about passion, bloodshed, desire, and death: everything, in fact, that makes life worth living." --Irma la Douce

Welcome to my author website, home of murder and mayhem in eighteenth-century France & the French Revolution.

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Romans Were Known For Their Aquaducks, the latest offering from my Spyderwort Press, is a hilarious collection of genuine student bloopers that cover all of Western civilization, from Roman aquaducks to Carol Marx, the inventor of socialism. (No, it's not by me, though I edited/​published it on behalf of the long-suffering college professor who compiled it.) A great giggle or gift for the history fan. Available for Kindle (free for Kindle Unlimited members) or in paperback from Amazon and other online retailers worldwide. (Scroll down to see the cover in the left-hand column!) Grab the eBook for Kindle at the special promotional price of just 99 cents.

Fall sale: Medieval Underpants is currently discounted to $2.99 for Kindle at and other Amazon sites worldwide.

My short story "Masquerade" is now available to borrow at no charge for members of Kindle Unlimited at Amazon.

Inquiries about translation, reprint, audio, or film/​TV rights to any of my novels should be directed to my agent:

Cristina Concepcion
Don Congdon Associates
110 William St., Suite 2202
New York, NY 10038

212 645 1229 phone
212 727 2688 fax

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Writing a review of a book you enjoyed doesn't have to be like writing a book report in fifth grade. Here's an excellent piece about how to painlessly write a quick, smart book review.

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Contact me to set up a date and time for a chat--don't forget to remind me what time zone you're in--and tell me a little about your group. All you need at your end is a speakerphone; I'll pay for the call. I look forward to visiting with you!

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