Spa treatment with best spa resort in Bali

A guest can experience manicure and pedicure service where only vegan, wildcrafted, an organic Spa treatment is giving to the nails. The elixirs and lacquers are free from dibutyl phthalate, toluene, formaldehyde and parabens which are normally found at the treatment products for the nails. It is an aromatherapeutic journey where one can choose to relax, uplift and inspires.  There is a use of microalgae and mineral salt that is infused with the wildcrafted ginger of Indonesia that gently slough away the dry skin. The properties of ginger are full of healing foot or hand massage using a hydrating blend of ginger with some Chinese jasmine essential oils, aloe with shea butter, olive oil, sesame oil and avocado with vitamin A and E. Aura Balance Manicure can cost around IDR 535,000 for 60 minutes while the aura balance pedicure can cost around IDR 595,000.  The prices are worth the treatment that one gets at the spa resort in bali

Smoking is available in the designated areas only and it is prohibited in the spa and health club area. The mobile phones will be kept in the locker area available at the spa and it is not advised to use the mobile phone in the premises of the Spa. Keep the phone on silent mode to keep the silent environment of the place.

Book for an appointment and enjoy the service of the best spa resort in bali while relaxing your body and mind. Visit the official site for more information and booking