What do you mean by hemp flowers

Since the past, hemp flowers have been used for the generation of synthetic, food or cosmetic oils , but also in the textile sector . The peculiarity of hemp is that it includes both male and female plants. Light cannabis (or light hemp) is obtained precisely from the female inflorescences of sativa hemp . It is these, in fact, that produce the flowers, rigorously controlled from their generationn to their marketing cheef’s hhc gummies.

The sativa hemp inflorescences contain CBD , also known as cannabidiol, the good active ingredient used in many sectors, such as food, wellness, textiles, games, cosmetics. Light hemp flowers contain by law a low percentage of THC, therefore they act as a natural relaxant, even if the effect may differ from person to person. CBD counteracts the psychotropic and psychoactive effects of THC which, if taken in high doses, can give an narcotic effect, causing tachycardia, paranoia and panic attacks HHC Gummies.

Difference between cannabis sativa and indica

What is light cannabis?

Cannabis light is defined as all that variety of hemp that contains a low percentage of THC inside. Conversely, in legal hemp the presence of CBD is quite high and acts as a regulator for THC.

The ministry for Agricultural and Forestry Policies has underlined that the cultivation of light cannabis can only take place from certified seeds , in order to have product traceability. Furthermore, the inflorescences must have a natural origin and be grown without the use of chemicals.

The legislation provides for a maximum THC limit of 0.2%. However, the law n.242 of 2016 establishes a margin of tolerance equal to 0.6%.


The sale of inflorescences

As we have mentioned, the sale of hemp flowers is regulated by law n.242 of 2016. This legislation provides for the  possibility of growing, buying and selling light cannabis,  provided it has a low THC content. The Ministry of Health (WHO) has confirmed that legal cannabis is harmless.

Recently, a sentence of the Court of Cassation confirmed that it does not consider the cultivation of drugs for personal use illegal.  The important thing is that it is carried out in a rudimentary way and in small quantities, not intended for sale.

In 2019, the same Court of Cassation declared that possessing drugs in quantities below the established limits can still be a crime. In these cases, therefore, the judge will evaluate other parameters, such as the destination  of the substance and its  use .

The law on the cannabis issue is still unclear and we hope that measures will soon be taken to better protect costomers and producers.