What Causes Discoloration & How to Prevent It

Custom accessories can be silver or gold plated (a thin layer of the metal coated with nickel or brass), with fake beads, gemstones, and diamonds.

The Reasons Why It Fades – Its Color Is Changing!

If it gets wet – while washing dishes, in the hot tub, swimming pool, or shower – that could leave dark marks which are tough to clean or it results in rust. If cleaning products interact with the accessory, it takes off the coating because of the chemicals present. In addition, all hair sprays and perfumes can affect their color for the same reason. Oxygen is another thing that you need to avoid. Without understanding the basics of rust, when metals are directed to the air, there’s a response that leads to discoloration.

Sweating caused by working out or the hot weather can result in the discoloration and then all your pieces will start looking plain. In some cases, allergies can be partially responsible for this change. Many people are vulnerable to nickel and copper – the materials utilized to make custom jewelry. If your skin gets itchy or irritated or changes color in areas you wear the accessory, you may be allergic to these products, but consult your doctor just to make sure. For instance, you can’t wear earrings not unless they’re made of sterling silver.

Can These Concerns Be Prevented? – Stop Discoloration Now! 

There’s not much that could be done when the coating of your accessory begins to wear off. You may have it re-plated (adding on a new layer of gold or silver coat) at a palm springs jeweler store or do it yourself with an in-home kit; still, that can be more expensive than buying new ones. You’ll have to keep doing it since the plating will continue on disappearing. Now, there are easy steps that you can employ to keep custom accessories looking better.

Whenever you’ll be near the water or in the water – take a bath, dive in the lake, or to wash dishes – remove your earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings. Then there won’t be any hard difficulties and they won’t rust from not being dried out. The same thing goes for when you are using products with strong chemicals or cleaning the house – REMOVE them! Chemicals and your accessories are a bad combination, as they’re sensitive and no match for any of the strong products. They can start to peel, lose their shine, or change color.

Getting Ready for a Special Occasion?

Put on your lotion, perfume, makeup, and hairspray first and then the custom jewelry. If the accessory is on first, anything you apply or spray will attract dust and dirt to your piece and they’ll soon start looking plant. Talk about the burden of cleaning these accessories!

Cleaning custom accessories require a softer touch than a pair of diamond rings. All those diamonds are created to last forever – your custom earring, for a few years. There’s no fast and simple rule for how often they have to be maintained, but it’s a good idea that the more you wear an ornament, the more it needs to be cared for.