The various kind of press required for tofu

Tofu has been one of the food items which cannot be an effort to be missed as protein. There are varied types of press that can be used for preparing the tofu dish. The use of the tofu press enhances the taste of the dish as the excess water content in it can be removed easily.

Varied design:

There are varied designs of press and the most convenient to be used. They are available in the form of metallic, plastic, and bamboo which is useful to squeeze the excess moisture content in it. The other kind of tofu is in the form of a small box type. This box will be equipped along with the plate which has a spring that is used to compress tofu.

The various kind of press required for tofu

They are also available in stainless steel which helps to remove the water content in them. To remove the excess water, the tofu needs to be placed inside the box and keep the weight of the stainless steel on its top.

There is also an alternative form of press that can be homemade. It can be made by compressing the required tofu under the plate and a chopping board.

Reason to use the press:

It takes hardly fifteen minutes for using the press to take out the excess water from the tofu. The use of the press will help to get the required texture which makes the dish to be more pleasant and appealing while consuming them.

Without the press, it would be difficult to try the home remedies to get the firmness that is essential for a taste for the recipe.