How to Wear Oversized Shirt?

The oversized shirts are very comfortable and good for lounging all day. The oversized shirts are good for relaxation, and can be worn in the fashionable style if done rightly. You can buy an affordable T-shirt, or big button-up shirt. There’re endless possibilities while it comes about styling the เสื้อoversize. You can keep this casual or dress up, and, if your shirt is long, you can wear this as dress.

Try to Keep This Casual

You can wear this with the slim fit jeans or sneakers. It is one cute and simple look that is easily worn around your house, to do different tasks, or go out on lunch with your friends. You may select the plain T-shirt, or button-up white shirt. Select the jeans that are tight on you and you may wear any kind of sneakers, but pair of the solid-colored sneakers will be very cute.

  • Wear T-shirt with the ripped skinny jeans & plain white sneakers.
  • Put large button-up t-shirt and leave untucked and pair this with the dark sneakers and black jeans.
  • Layer this over the long sleeved shirt. You can go for edgy look just by wearing the oversized black shirt on long sleeved and form-fitting shirt. Tuck your shirts in high-rise pants and wear this with sneakers or black boots.
  • Pair with the long skirt. It is very comfortable look, which is very trendy. You can put on the oversized shirt. Tuck this in the long pencil skirt and pair your outfit with the white sneakers & you will be comfy and stylish to curl for a good nap.
  • Wear black shirt with the white design, plain white sneakers and black pencil skirt.


Luckily, wearing sportswear and loungewear are now acceptable to wear as the fashionable outfit when styled in a right way. Go for the oversized shirt in the solid color.