All About The Hookah Smoking.

There is a never-ending discussion between hookah enthusiasts about the best hookah tobacco brands, best hookahs, and accessories.

 For instance, the latest trend is that hookah lovers tend to purchase a smaller version of hookahs instead of big and tall Egyptian devices. But the key factors in hookah smoking experience are still the same. It’s about how you pack your bowl and what shisha and coals do you use.

So you need to know the important steps of preparing your hookah to get the best outcome.

Hookah tobacco needs to be packed into a bowl first. And then you need to wrap aluminum foil around the bowl and place red-hot hookah coals to heat the tobacco. Don’t forget to fill the hookah vase with a proper amount of water.

hookah tobacco

You need to know that there are several types of coals. There are quick light coals and natural coconut shell hookah coals. The best experience is to use natural coconut coals. To light them up, you will need an electric burner.

The hookah tobacco choice depends on your experience and what flavors you prefer. The nicotine content differs from brand to brand as well as flavors. So if you are not yet experienced in hookah smoking, choose the shisha with less nicotine content.