Dental Implant Procedure Wheaton il- What you should know

When someone needs to replace a tooth or teeth, the treatment of this problem will usually depend on some denture or bridges, but now there is a procedure that offers the patient a more attractive solution. When a person has dental implants, they leave him with permanent and natural-looking teeth, and also help prevent the loss of the jaw bone. The dental implant wheaton il installation procedure uses a high-tech surgical procedure.

dental implant procedure wheaton ilThey are considered a type of prosthesis.

  • Subperiosteal dental implants: they are placed in the upper part of the patient’s jaw, and the metal structure protrudes through the jaw to hold the tooth.
  • Endosteal dental implants: they are fixed in the patient’s bones with the help of blades, screws or cylinders.

Since dental implants wheaton il are a permanent solution, they will need some procedures to ensure that artificial air intakes work as long as natural teeth. Not all candidates for dental implants, so after you have lost a tooth, your dentist will assess to determine if the place is suitable for an implant. It depends on whether there is enough bone in the jaw to support the implant. If not, you may need a bone map. If a bone chart is required, it will increase the healing time of the procedure. Your jaw must heal after a bone map before you can perform dental implant procedure wheaton il.

If you have enough bone, you will not have to wait to do the procedure. During the first session, your dentist will create a test hole in your jaw through the gum. At this stage, your dentist’s skills are essential, because if you make a mistake by making a test hole, damage to the facial nerves can occur. At the pilot hole, your dentist will install a titanium screw and secure it to the bone. Before going to the dentist, they put on a protective coating.


It takes a titanium screw or anchor from three to six months to melt into the bone, which is called the process of osseointegration. This process ensures that dental implants wheaton il have the strength and strength of a natural tooth. Once the healing process is complete, the dentist will install a temporary crown on top of the screw. To give additional healing time, after two months your dentist will examine the implant and, if it is satisfied with the appearance, install a permanent crown. The success of the procedure depends on good personal care during the healing of the dental implant.