Different types of child custody in Singapore

Child custody Singapore is a major concern in the case of any divorce.  This is because every parent wants the child to be with them and it is a major decision concerning the child also. The Law of custody in Singapore is applying to all the person whether they are Muslim or non-Muslim.

4 typically child custody order released by Singapore Gamily Justice Courts are as below:

Sole Custody order

The chosen parent will be having exclusive rights to the child under the sole custody order. The parent who is granted custody will be responsible for making all major decisions about the life of the child.

Joint Custody order

In the Joint custody order both the parents are given equal rights and responsibility for the matters of the child. They can also consult and communicate with others and then will reach an agreement about important decisions about the child.

Hybrid order

This is like the sole custody order as only one parent is given custody of the child. The parent who is given the custody should consult and obtain the consent of the non-custodial parent on deciding the matters which are related to the welfare of the child.

Split custody order

In split custody order, the custody of the child is divided into both parents. This also means that the custody of one or more siblings has been granted to one parent. While the custody of another sibling has been granted to another parent.