Cannabis Seeds: A Rule Of Thumb For The Cannabis Lover

What are cannabis seeds?

Marijuana plants are generally bisexual, which means both males and females’ reproductive organs get evolved on two different plants. The buds appear on the female plant of cannabis only in the absence of the male plant, mostly used as a toxicant. In a male plant, the female plant gets pollinated, and the flower in the female plant produces cannabis seeds.

Cannabis gets evolved from either of the two ways:

  • Seeds – The plant that’s grown from seeds gets the male plant’s genetic feature or the female plant or either both.

  • Clone – The plant that’s grown by cloning gets all the plant features from which it cloned.

The female plant dies after the maturity of cannabis seeds, and the seeds then drop on the ground resulting in the growth of more plants in the next season. The seeds are even harvested for producing seed oil or food products.

What are feminized seeds?

In some places, female plants are pollinated even with a feminized method where the plants are made monoecious means hermaphrodite. In this method, the female plants that have attained maturity before age by using some chemicals pollinate another female plant.

Most of the growers don’t use this method as it produces the pants of only one gene and is not appropriate for breeding.

What makes a cannabis seed of good quality?

To grow high-quality cannabis, you need a seed of good genetics. Seeds must be harvested only after it gets fully matured. The seeds must be stored in a secure place where it doesn’t catch any germs or bacteria. The seeds should always be kept in a cool, dark room and should not be kept for longer than 16months or frozen for future use.