How to change btc to inr?

If it is must you have to change the bit coin to Indian currency. So, you should find the correct way to exchange it. The bit coins price will be fluctuated every day according to the Indian currency. The price list will be declared by the miners in the crypto currency network. Check with the value from btc to inr and use it.

Both the seller and buyer will have the local bit coins at the time of exchange. You can use that until the confirmation of the payment. Peer to peer method will help you to deposit the amount in your bank account. If any fraudulence found, then you can file a case. So, make sure to know the value of btc to inr.

Local bit coin is safe or not?

Yes, local crypto currency is safe to exchange the currencies. Hence, it will be used by both the parties until they exchange the bit coins. As the coins are more expensive you have to handle it safe and secure. The bit coins can be changed to Indian Rupees by the use of local bit coins. If you want to get the cash without any bankrolls, then you can suggest some traders across India. Have a glance over the details given by the traders and exchange according to that. There is another opportunity to change the bit coins to Indian rupee is E- Currency exchange method. You can send or receive the coins from this method. From this method, you can deposit the exchanged amount to your bank account. Some traders will transfer the INR to your bank account. So, be aware to choose the traders to avoid the fraudulence. There will be some offers stated by the Indian Government to buy and sell the bit coins or crypto currencies.