Important Things to Know When Hiring a Communications Agency

When looking for an agency to meet the various communication needs of your company, you must sit down with them for an interview to make sure they are suitable for your company. If you’re unsure what to ask during this initial consultation, try answering one or more of the following questions. It will also help you get started with a strong relationship between you and the communication agency, which will be needed as you progress.

What are your knowledge and experience?

One of the essential characteristics of a communication agency is its training and experience. Ensure you select an agency with many years of experience. You also need one that keeps up with trends and changes in the world of communications. It is good to check their portfolios to make sure they have the knowledge to carry out the projects you want them to do.

Did they work in your field?

Your communications project strategy should be different depending on the industry your company operates in. To find the best communications agency for your business, you need one that understands the industry’s nuances.

Who will work with your account?

When you choose a communications agency over an internal team, you may not always know who is working on your account and how much time they spend. In the selection process, it is helpful to discuss how the agency determines who is working to understand, including whether junior or senior staff will be working on that account.

What’s your strategy?

While a good communication strategy grows and changes over time, the agency must have a solid understanding of how to help you achieve your goals from the outset. Before hiring a communications agency, you must listen to their speech and strategy. You will get clear details on whether they share your vision.

Will they work in partnership with you?

The best agency to work with is the one that works with you. Even if you don’t want to be part of the strategy, it is still essential that you work with a communications agency that listens to you and follows their directions. What they create ultimately reflects more of you than the agency, and as such, they need to be willing and open to listen to your concerns and comments.


There are many more questions you can ask during your initial consultation and proposal presentation. Before meeting with representatives from various agencies, take some time to formulate your goal and formulate a few questions to get the most out of your initial session. It will help you decide which agency to choose.